February 19, 2013

From a...

 pics from tumblr.

Running in a couple of months ago. There a little sparkling crush on you. From a distance i capture this feeling. I have a deep sense of longing. There are always i will  missing that your stupid smile and a joke that came out every time. I always find its funny. It seems like every time I’m happy again or things are finally looking up, he comes right back around. 
Silent panic emanating from those eyes. Nervous and silent that not be a big problem. Because that's what you are. I know that is you, the majority of which is attached. Sometimes you're silent does not mean you do not have feelings, but maybe you just like used to be to keep it..
Now there are time where you have to let go of what you're buried, telling the truth is in your heart and you're trying, very trying until you have so much effort to make it well. I can heard your little inner voice, I will know. Because we got the same vibe..

Even there's a wall in the future, and time clock that determines. Even im here you there. near or far..  I am not a deterrent. But I know it's gonna be worth in the end... Although I've only seen from the screen and from a distance. This is the way...

You are someone who treated me that way I deserve to be. Sweet, caring, Tells me I'm beautiful, always wants to know what I'm doing and how my day was going. We've begun up to become closer and closer in every way possible. I can see myself being happy with you so there are not all like you.
You make me feel better, even little bit bitter but will gonna turn to be better and better and better again, sing on the phone, tell silly stories about yourself, keep me warm, bring me food, watching movie, do something crazy. It is part of everything we know each other we're talking to try that one day we would be together ..
There is a hole in the heart but still you can covered it. There is a sense of longing, but you can as the solace of my medication. You like a cool breeze that gives freshness.. All above prove to me you can fight me so I could fight for you too.. 
OH. DEAR LORD.  All is well. *crossing fingers*