August 25, 2012

Home Rules

Rules that make us able to understand each other, and the rules are simple but meaningful. Always be honest sometimes to be honest it was painful and can hurt others, but honesty is the most important of all, because it is far from all there is no one in the world who likes to be lied too and as specially try to be true to yourself. Count your blessing, basically all the human kind is never satisfied, as a children often are never satisfied by the provision that has given by their parents, but we have to realize we will never be happy if never grateful and count the blessings we have received. let's count your blessing and you can see how lucky you are in this world and do not complain for lack of., Another herb to make a happy home is to learn to forgive and forget whatever happens in the family, then it will still be a family. What mistake had we made parents will still open the hearts and hands to forgive and then forget. Nothing is ever as sincere as it to forgive our mistakes, than our parents and families. Family is the only one that always stand behind to support us til the end. Be kind and tender heart families who taught us from childhood to be kind and have a tender heart, and therefore we should be reminded to do good, to be good with kindness then we will create happiness. Perfect happiness is when we see the family happy. It's not about forcing happiness it's about not letting sadness win. Most of all you will love one another deeply from your heart. see ony my next post, xoxo.