June 16, 2012

To Forget


Forgetting the things that hurt you in the past is something that is much easier said than done. But if we are to go the places in life that we desire to go, and if we are to ever achieve the dreams that we have in our hearts, we have to be willing to learn from our pasts more than we are willing to try and relive it.The things that you have done, the mistakes made, and the people that hurt you before, are all things of the past that you cannot simply go back and change. So don't waste your time trying to. Be better than you were in the past by making a solid attempt at living righteously, inspired, dedicated, and courageously each day. Learn lessons from the old, but never be afraid to try and conquer what is before you that may seem new. - Forgetting someone you love -

The above words have become my inspiration, we are required not to question how we are to forget something, but how can we still go ahead regardless of the circumstances behind us.If we are always focused on what has happened,we will never be happy. because we always feel stressed out by the past. forget it takes a long, very long time. even I took many years to get over someone I care about.
But I still go ahead and open up my heart and mind. What has happened in the past be a lesson for me, the lesson to me to be more careful in choosing, taught me to grow up and all made ​​the experience to share with others. then when you decide to keep moving forward, on its own without realizing that you've forgotten what I've hurt you. Then when you realize it, you'll smile to yourself and feel proud that you can conquer grief and heartache into a happiness because it has a role to make you better.
 keep trying to forget, moving forward and smile
Have a great sunday.