June 10, 2012

Happy Monday

 T-shirt : cooche / Necklace : Forever 21/ Floral skirt : Cotton On / Baby pink Wedges : Nine West

Day after day I felt excited and curious about what will happen tomorrow , all that i've been through are a valuable lessons. I hope you guys all doing great. Keep excited and greatful xx :)
Happy Monday!


Rosalinda Tjioe said...

You're so pretty kak! Love the skirt <3 X


Ana, Playground Love said...

Loving the whole outfit! And your sandals are so lovely :)

Bellamoreway said...

lovely outfit dear <3

Andy said...

Love your outfit! The skirt is awsome!


Minnie said...

Love the floral skirt. You are so beautiful dear.
BTW how about follow each other?
Let me know.

rimatambunan said...

so pretty! loved the skirt

Femke. said...



Vanessa said...

Your blog is amazing, such an inspiration. Hope you pass by and follow me or we can follow each other.

xo, Vanessa

Minnie said...

Thanks, I am following back sweetie :)


Only for the Sweetest. said...

Very pretty dear! I'm definitely following back. :)

Maria Widjaja said...

re: thank you for visiting my blog pretty princess! I love your blog! planning to make it as my daily reads:)

dunia kecil indi said...

i love you floral skirt! have a nice day :)

regina stacia abigail said...

kak anita! do you remember me?:) you are so pretty dan makin pretty kak! hehe now i am back to the blogging track! feel free to check out my blog! there will be posts waiting to be read:p


Eva Silviana said...

ah so sweet! Love your wedges kak :)

crunchy cheese me

~✯*Jela*✯~ said...

the necklace is cute. I love anything in color teal .

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Yuri said...

Hey darling, you look pretty and fabulous :) Love that skirt and wedges so much! :D

How are you dear?


SJ said...

Love those wedges!! You h have a wonderful blog girl :)


C. Belvin said...

simple and chicc <3

Ivy Sie said...

cute floral skirt and pink wedges! love it!<3 xx

Vanesa Indrawan said...

asyik nanti ketemu lagiiihhhhhhhh

Estilo Hedónico said...

Great post!!!!



Claireta Teressa said...

super love your shoes kak ♥

Maria Widjaja said...

wow ! such an honor to be followed by you! thanks and I followed you back pretty:)

Bella Francisca said...

hello pretty ;) kamu juga makin sweet aja sih outfitnya! hehe cute necklace!
anw, come come to jakarta! im freee, lets hanging out >:)


Vonny said...

pretty skirt :D

Jessica Paramartha said...

you look pretty nita, love your skirt so much!! have a nice day nita :D

cheers, Jessica

rimatambunan said...

you can buy shoes like me at rubi, dear :*

Joshua Christian said...

whooo, nice necklace & skirt. u look sharp!

Alexandra Gabriella Audrey said...

you look so sweet as always, kaaaa <3<3

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Karina Dinda R. said...

Pretty! Loveee your skirt dear :) Such a great post! ^^

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Karina Dinda R. ♥

Miss Aa said...

nice skirt :)

kindly please check out my blog whenever you had a chance :D

warmest regards,
Miss Aa

Coffee Cream and the Caffeine said...

Gorgeous skirt and necklace dear :)


pricillia lumantoro said...

lovely skirt!

okky dommy said...

manis banget dee kamu! oya, udah di ganti yak namanya di sidebar blog ak ;)

sara josephine - sartob said...

cantik cantik cantiiiiik! mau kalungnya doong kak :p okiess nanti aku twitter hihi. so exciteeeed! gk sabar pngn ktmu hehe.


Jenny said...

lovely outfit!

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