June 27, 2012


1. Me with Okky courtesy by Okky / 2 courtesy by Nathalie.
These photos Courtesy by Okky & Nath because the photo taken by my camera really unclear. ;(
A few days ago i met my fellow bloggers, we had great time and lunch together at The GoodsDept PI with Okky, Bella and Nathalie. Really love to meet you all, and can't wait to have another day. Please  don't mad at me if i often to wear this floral blazer because i love it and its comfortable. ;)

And btw i have good news for you dear readerss..As you know  in the current era, online shop is increasingly widespread. that things that will make you easier to shop, without having to go to the mall, such as Dskon.
Dskon is one online store in Indonesia, that makes it easy for us to shop, and Dskon have differences and advantages, which is dskon have detail existing forum, not just a matter of fashion, but also provides easy to see the price of airline tickets, electronics, entertainment and tourism. in one website you can see the different stores and different collections as needed. Then not only offer items for purchase, but dskon increasingly innovative and inspiring as it gives tips for readers, and the present trend information so it can be said not only your eyes are pampered but you also get a wider horizon. Common visit and shop at dskon and get what you want.

Have a great day everyone. xx.