August 7, 2011

life is..

Life is when you first open your eyes in the morning and say thank God I am still alive. Life is thankful for everything that happens in your life. Life is when there are people come and go. Life is when you falling in love! life gives you a chance to fight, fight for and something that you care most. Life is when you shed the tears, when you understand how the suffering of others, because you had ever suffered. life is when you've left by someone you love the most, when you party with your close relatives when you feel or not alone when you feel or not feel lonely.
Life is when you feel the warmth a hug of someone and instantly you are very happy and did not want to let go of his arms. Life is an is to finish it one by one, although sometimes we do not know which step to take first but at least we've tried it. and life is when God says, I love you and do not forget Me and life is you. All my sweet memories.