July 6, 2010

from the heart of hearts, from the soft touch, from the sweet words. and from a pictures, it will show who you are and I

Please mention the things what makes you happy, that makes you laugh, makes you feel that the earth is so beautiful, more than other people feel. surely you will say many things that will make you happy, do you know what would make me very happy and my heart beat, many people say, I'm happy when I'm traveling the world,many people say I'm very excited to go shopping, and goods that you bought ,apparently  you get  fantastic discounts.many people say, I'm happy when I fall in love. that all is true, and I too feel that way. but many things that make me happy and very specific :

My happiness began when I was born in this world, when I can move my body with a perfect organ, when I set my foot,I can run and when I can see the blazing of sun.
and found not only that, I'm love when my parents, hug, kiss me, and said softly whispered in my ear, they looked at me with perfectly affection, and I feel it. when they taught me many things, they taught me to pray, read, learn. That was originally the basic of life. 
I am happy when I know the words such as : hope, beauty, desire, romance, sacrifice, joy, loyalty . because it's makes me more understanding of life.
I am happy when I play together with my mates, we went to the beach together, swim together, doing stupid things together, walking together, sleep over night   and  do makeup when going to a party. and we promise to never split up.
I'm love, when I knew someone, I'm happy when he was the first man who gave me a bouquet of roses, he asked me to go to taste the pleasure of a Starbucks coffee, and finally it made me addicted.I was happy when he, hugging me from behind, kissed my forehead, his eyes always look at me, I'm love because you're the one who first gave me a love letter, I'm happy because you are the person who introduced me to the music. I'm happy for you that makes me feel the beauty of falling in love. although you made me hurt, but I feel more beautiful when i remember how you love me
I'm love, many people near with me and feel comfortable with me, I'm happy when I get  hurt, it means I will be more understanding of others' feelings.
I am love when I looked at the sky, smell the air, feel the rain drops. I am love when I got to love the world of music, art and photography, the more I feel a lot of things in this world is precious 
I am love when I took pictures with people who I love, because it is the memories. I am love when I went with people who I love, I live with people who I love, do not need far away to  reaching other countries.  most importantly I was there where I should be. .
I'm love, when reading various books, because I feel I get different kinds of characters that I can learn.oh .. beautiful world,thank for everything I have I got, and my life is perfect. Thank you God.
draw and write your happiness, so that others may feel the same and I believe that happiness is not enough just until in here..