April 25, 2010

one day, 11 hours, three meetings I could not stop laughing

I came to Jakarta yesterday, exactly only one day I was there and on that day I met with three different grous/people how busy I am..  and it was very enjoyable. The first meeting I met with my school friend and I invite Bella Fransisca to join with us because she wanted to go to GI with me together. after that,the second meeting is to meet with the bloggers who are beautiful and kind. I'm very happy because finally I could meet with them , we had lunch together at Social House we laughed happily although this meeting is to short.

and for the last words of some points that I want to say to you that these words  always have in my mind and I suppose this message as an input for me and you:This is a meeting not as a blogger but as a friend,I'm agree with michelle words learn to appreciate each person's decision and not easy to judge. learn not to interfere other people's business.