April 16, 2014


What do you usually do on the weekend,. Here I am back to recommend a place with affordable prices and you will certainly be able to enjoy your date or just a casual day with friends and family. If you are in Bandung and might be planning go to Bandung, lets go to one of my favorite places Botanical Garden Juanda Dago.

Botanical Garden Juanda Dago parks are the lungs of the city of Bandung, there are pine trees and large yard make this park is very convenient to visit. You can bring your own lunch, or even as I love to enjoy meatballs in here with a cool atmosphere for a moment you forget what's in the city. *relax*
 White t-shirt  : Zara | Plaid Shirt : Stradivarius | Jeans : unbranded | Boots : Topshop

Sometimes i get bored just went to cafes, shopping mall, or go to the movies. So, for a fun escape i love to interact with nature. Just sitting, drawing, singing, listening music and of course taking pictures and you did not have to cost a lot money to be happy. It's simply beautiful.

Kompleks Tahura
Ir. H. Djuanda No. 99
Dago Pakar – Bandung
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Fax: +62-22-2507891

February 24, 2014

Tone to Tone

 Denim top : Do It Myself | Short : Tonetotone | Boots : Stradivarius | Necklace : Diva

How does it feel when you enter a store and you also get a facilities there a fashion stylist at the same time. It feels very rarely we find a clothing store like that. The employees usually only offer the clothes or products, but at this point I find different things.The owner of tonetotone always give the best for client, which is her background in the fashion world so she understands what is appropriate attire for the buyer.
Sometimes for myself i often blinded by things that are not appropriate for my body shape or the color of my skin., So I chose to go to tonetotone. not only to get the clothes are relatively affordable but also will be satisfied with the advice of the owner who is also work as a fashion stylist. Check tonetotone facebook and instagram :)